Load-in Instructions


Your Set Up time is the earliest time you can drive up to your space to begin load-in. Do not attempt to enter before that time! We appreciate your cooperation.
Please unload and set up as quickly as possible on Friday evening on or after your assigned time or Saturday morning 7am-9:30am.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Exhibitors and food concessionaires must enter the event area in Edgerton Court and Evans Park from Charles Ave. No traffic will be permitted to enter from Donnelly St.

Due to the low number of available parking spaces in our historic downtown event area, only ONE PARKING SPACE will be assigned to each exhibitor!
If you are towing a trailer on Saturday or Sunday, you MUST unhitch and park your trailer at The American Legion at 920 S Highland St, Mt Dora, FL 32757 and then proceed with your vehicle to your suggested parking area. We will have volunteers direct you to overflow parking if your area is full. Golf carts will transport you back to the event area.
If you need to get back to your vehicle during the event, flag one of us down and we will transport you via golf cart.
Here is an overview map of the Event CLICK HERE
You can locate your booth space in the event area by clicking the map containing the letter in your booth space number.
A, B, G, L, R, S, P or W = Click HERE (Evans Park)
M = Click HERE (Marina Cay)
T = Click HERE (Simpson’s Cove North)
K = Click HERE (Simpson’s Cove South)
V = Click HERE (Pirate Village)


Additional information:

You are required to remain open until 5:00 PM on Saturday but you may remain open until 9:00 PM if you choose.

Ant/Bug spray is recommended if you are assigned a space in a park.

If you paid for electric, please bring a long (50ft min) cord in case you need to reach a remote outlet.

Staking of tents is not allowed, you may use weights or water jugs only.

Be prepared for rain! It is August in Florida after all.

Pets are NOT permitted inside the event area by City Ordinance. The Police Department will enforce this Ordinance so be prepared.

Overnight security will be provided but use common sense in regards to your products remaining on site.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have questions or require clarification please do not hesitate to call me.
See you all soon!
Janet Gamache
Visit Mount Dora, Inc. Special Event Coordinator
Janet.Gamache@gmail.com 352-217-8390