Crafters & Artists, Food Concessionaires & Sponsors

Held in Simpsons Cove in Mount Dora, FL Applications will be reviewed for consideration prior to acceptance.

Registration for the Mount Dora Seafood Festival is CLOSED and the show is sold-out!

Registration is NOT a GUARANTEE of ACCEPTANCE.
Visit Mount Dora reserves the right to decline any exhibitor/vendor application
for any reason whatsoever.VENDOR INFO:

2019 Base booth fees for the 2 day event:
Local restaurant 10 x 10 $100
Artisan fee (you must create the product yourself) 10 x 10 $200
Retail vendors fee 10 x 10 $250
Artist or Retail Double Booth 10 x 20 $375
Business/Lead generating/Branding community partners $1000
Commercial Food Vendor 10 x 10 $250 Commercial Food Vendor 11′ to 25′ $500
Volunteer Exchange program (Must be pre-approved) $0
Sea Glass SPONSOR- 10 x 10 space, logo on all print ads, mentions on social media $5000
Pearl SPONSOR- Company named on radio and TV ads, banner at event, logo on print and social media ads, mentions at event $10,000

Electric available $75

Registration is NOT a guarantee of acceptance! There is no cost to apply. See event map and indicate your location preference, if any, in your comments.