Central Florida Oyster Shuck-Off

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Do you have what it takes to to be crowned the Central Florida Oyster Shuck-Off champion? Join us Saturday August 25th, 2:00 PM at the Main Stage in Elizabeth Evans Park and find out. We are accepting applicants now and you can go up against some of the best shuckers in the business. First place prize is $500 and the title of Central Florida Oyster Shuck-Off Champion!

1st Place – $500.00

2nd Place – $100.00

3rd Place – $50.00

If you are ready you may register for the contest.  CLICK HERE to Sign Up



Rules for the Shuck-Off:

1. All rulings by judges are final. Blind judging with two contest judges and a Head Judge.  Top 4 shuckers will make it to the finals

2. Shuckers may wear gloves, use their own knives and carry an extra knife for use in case the first breaks.

3. Each Shucker will get 18 oysters plus one extra to use if needed.

4. Shuckers will start with their hands in the air and wait for the host to start the contest countdown.

5. Shuckers place each oyster on an unbroken half-shell and arranged neatly on the tray provided.

6. When a contestant has finished shucking and is satisfied with his/her arrangement of the shucked oyster, he/she will raise their hands and the time keepers will stop their stopwatches. When the shuckers raise their hands the timekeepers will take the tray of oysters to the judges. The shucker may not touch the tray of oysters after they have signaled completion.

7. NOTE: Presentation is the key to winning! The arrangement of the oysters is rewarded in the presentation.

8. PENALTIES. Judges will add seconds to shucking time accordingly:

(1) An oyster not completely severed from the shell. (+3 seconds)

(2) An oyster presented on a broken shell (+1 second)

(3) An oyster presented with grit, blood or other foreign substance (+ 3 seconds)

(4) A cut oyster (+3 seconds)

(5) An oyster not placed properly in the shell (+2 seconds)
(6) A missing oyster (+20 seconds)
BONUS: Judges may award a bonus reduction of (10 seconds) as an award for a tray whose presentation is deemed outstanding.

10. The head judge will declare the winner by the shucker with the fastest time, including all penalties and bonuses.